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Three CubeSats successfully deployed from "Kibo"!

  • Experiment at Kibo
On January 6, 2023, following three CubeSats were successfully deployed from the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) "Kibo":
  • Surya Satellite-1 (SS-1)※1
※1 Surya Satellite-1 was developed under the framework of the JAXA/UNOOSA collaboration "KiboCUBE" programme.

[Pless Release] Successful Deployment of Surya Satellite-1 of Indonesia, Selected in the Third Round of KiboCUBE Programme (January 11, 2023)

J-SSOD#24 Deployment:Surya Satellite-1 (SS-1) (Image by JAXA/NASA)

J-SSOD#24 Deployment:OPTIMAL-1 (Image by JAXA/NASA)

J-SSOD#24 Deployment:HSKSAT (Image by JAXA/NASA)

【Satellite】 Surya Satellite-1 [Size:1U]
【Organizations】 Surya University
  • Demonstrate amateur radio communication system and APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) communication platform.
  • Improve capacity building in Indonesia in space technology field
【Satellite】 OPTIMAL-1 [Size:3U]
【Organizations】 ArkEdgeSpace Inc.
University of Fukui
【Service Provider】 Space BD Inc.
  • Micro-propulsion demonstration
  • Hyperspectral camera demonstration
  • Low-power transmission and reciver Store and Forward demonstration
Image by Space BD Inc.
【Satellite】 HSKSAT [Size:3U]
【Organizations】 Haradaseiki Co.
【Service Provider】 Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Co., Ltd
【Mission】 Demonstrate transmitting large-volume data at a high transmission rate
Image by Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Co., Ltd

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