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Wear in Space

Spacesuits, protecting astronauts in space and aboard spacecraft.


Astronauts wear a variety of clothing for different purposes,
such as for extravehicular activities or for life onboard the ISS.

What do you think of when you hear the word spacesuit? For many people, the white and sturdy extravehicular activity (EVA) spacesuit is probably what first comes to mind. But there are other kinds of space clothing, too, such as clothing worn inside the International Space Station (ISS) and special suits worn inside spacecraft when traveling to and from space.


Clothing to comfortably live in the ISS


Atmospheric pressure in the ISS is kept at 1 atm. The temperature and humidity are maintained at a comfortable level for astronauts, allowing them to wear regular clothes as they do back on earth. However, due to limited space available in the ISS and other inconveniences unique to a microgravity environment, astronauts sometimes choose to wear clothing specially for comfort. Here, we introduce you to the latest onboard clothes with other interesting information.

Spacesuits to protect astronauts from harsh environments

The pressure suits worn inside the spacecraft when traveling to and from space and the spacesuits worn during extravehicular activities are designed to protect the lives of astronauts. Here, we find out about the kinds of innovations and secrets hidden behind these suits.


Explore the history of spacesuits


EVA spacesuits are an indispensable part of the long history of human space activities. Surprisingly, the requirements for function and performance of the EVA spacesuits currently in use at the ISS have not changed much since the Apollo era of the 1960s. This page introduces the history of EVA spacesuits together with future spacesuits that are expected to be developed.

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