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Health in Space

What happens to the human body in space?
There are still many things we don't understand.


How does the body change in space,
and what are the key points for living there?

Space is a very different environment from the earth. Let's look at how space changes our bodies, how astronauts live in space, and what needs to be done to stay healthy while living in space.


What happens to the human body in space?


The conditions in space differ from those on the earth. How do our bodies, accustomed to daily life on earth, change when we go into space? Here we will examine how the change in environment affects our bodies.

Everyday life on the International Space Station (ISS)

Life on the ISS becomes ordinary for astronauts on long space missions. Eating, sleeping and other daily activities are all performed by astronauts inside the ISS. So how is life in space?


Living healthy in space


What steps are needed for healthy living in space, an environment very different from the earth? Let's take a look at health management in space.

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