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Life in SpaceLife in Space

Life in Space

The severe environment of space.
What is it like to live there?

What are food, clothing, and shelter like in space? Can you take a bath? Can you cook in space?What about laundry and cleaning? What effects does staying in space for a long time have on the body? Many tasks we take for granted on earth are difficult in space. Conversely, some things are difficult on earth, but easy in space. Life in space is hard to imagine based on ordinary life, so let's look at it from various perspectives.


Wear in Space

Spacesuits include high-performance suits for extravehicular activities. Various types of spacesuits are worn for different purposes, for example for boarding a rocket and for living and working on a spacecraft.


Food in Space

Space foods are astronauts’ meals in space. Let's look at diet in an environment completely different from the earth.

Health in Space

It's hard to imagine weightless life in space. Let's look at the daily lives of astronauts, including exercising, bathing, and sleeping.


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