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Eight CubeSats successfully deployed from "Kibo"!

  • Experiment at Kibo
On March 14, 2021, eight CubeSats, OPUSAT-II developed by Osaka Prefecture University, Japan, *GuaraniSat-1 co-developed by Paraguayan Space Agency, Paraguay and Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech), *Maya-2 co-developed by the University of the Philippines Diliman and Kyutech, *Tsuru developed by Kyutech, RSP-01 developed by ReymanSat Spaces (Japan), WARP-01 developed by WARP Space Inc. (Japan), TAUSAT-1 developed by Tel Aviv University (Israel), and STARS-EC developed by Shizuoka University and STARS Space Service Inc. (Japan) were successfully deployed from the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) "Kibo".
*BIRDS-4 Project (Officially called the Joint Global Multi Nation Birds) is an international joint development and operations project of CubeSats, participated by the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan, and certain Asian and African nations. The three CubeSats handed over as mentioned above are for the fourth round of the programme.
Japan, Paraguay, and Philippines in this round of the programme, developing a CubeSat for each in about 12 months, a small cube-shaped satellite with 10 cm on each side. They named their CubeSats Tsuru (Japan), GuaraniSat-1 (Paraguay), and Maya-2 (Philippines), among which the GuaraniSat-1 is the first satellite of the Paraguay.
1st Deployment:OPUSAT-II, BIRDS-4 (GuaraniSat-1, Maya-2, Tsuru), RSP-01 ⓒJAXA/NASA
2nd Deployment:WARP-01 ⓒJAXA/NASA
3rd Deployment:TAUSAT-1 ⓒJAXA/NASA
4th Deployment:STARS-EC ⓒJAXA/NASA
Size 2U
Organization Osaka Prefecture University (Japan)
  • Demonstrating an on-orbit measurement system for deployable structure
  • Demonstrating a high-performance communication technology
  • Measuring vibration of a deployable antenna to identify the Dynamical model of a flexible structure on orbit
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Name BIRDS-4
Size 1U each
  • Agencia Espacial del Paraguay (Paraguayan Space Agency, Republic of Paraguay)
  • University of the Philippines Diliman (Republic of the Philippines)
  • Kyushu Institute of Technology (Japan)
  • Developing space human resources in emerging countries and creating the basis for a sustainable space program
  • Demonstration of Perovskite Solar Cells
  • Demonstration of HENTENA using satellite structure
Name RSP-01
Size 1U
Organization ReymanSat Spaces (Japan)
  • Send the picture of satellite itself, taken by onboard camera.
  • Send the High-Definition picture taken by onboard camera.
  • Demonstrate the autonomous operation of the machine learning.
    - Select the well-taken picture, such as the one satellite, moon, and earth in the same frame, and the one without blurring.
    - Understand the meaning of text message from earth and respond the contextual message by satellite itself.
  • Demonstration of reaction wheel function.
Name WARP-01
Size 1U
Organization WARP Space Inc. (Japan)
  • To demonstrate new satellite bus components
  • To carry wedding memorial plates to space
  • To take pictures of the earth and space
  • To survey the radiation environment in space
  • To survey the radio environment in space
Size 3U
Organization Tel Aviv University (State of Israel)
Mission To monitor the effects of energetic particles and other molecular compounds in low-Erath orbits.
Size 3U
Organization Shizuoka University and STARS Space Service Inc. (Japan)
Mission To analyze the behavior of mini in-orbit elevator by using 3U CubeSat containing three-1U CubeSat connected by a tether.

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