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Three CubeSats successfully deployed from "Kibo"!

  • Experiment at Kibo
On April 11, 2024, following three CubeSats were successfully deployed from the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) "Kibo":
  • CURTIS *
  • MicroOrbiter-1 *
* Since May 2018, as a new step to enhance the commercial utilization of Kibo, JAXA selected Space BD Inc. and Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Co., Ltd as the J-SSOD service provider.

J-SSOD#28 Deployment:CURTIS (Image by JAXA/NASA)

J-SSOD#28 Deployment:KASHIWA, MicroOrbiter-1 (Image by JAXA/NASA)

【Satellite】 CURTIS [Size:3U]
【Organizations】 Panasonic Holdings Corporation
Kyushu Institute of technology (KyuTech)
【Service Provider】 Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Co., Ltd
  • Demonstration of high-density implementation technology for the satellite bus section.
  • Verification of technology in space for products (in-vehicle cameras, cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, electronic circuit board materials) handled by the Panasonic Group.
  • Operational verification of an ultra-compact satellite designed for easy assembly.
Image by Panasonic Holdings Corporation
【Satellite】 KASHIWA [Size:1U]
【Organizations】 Chiba Institute of Technology
【Service Provider】 Space BD Inc.
  • camera mission
    - Utilizing triangulation with two cameras in order to measure distance to ISS.
    - To identify tidal-flat and land.
    - To identify garbage.
    - Investigating correlation between electric power and night light.
  • APRS mission
    - Receiving uplink data of amateur radio operators around the world.
    - Sending and receiving data in sensor of installed in ground remote terminal.
    - Sending and receiving short message to the amateur.
    - Connecting satellite communication by APRS, operating satellite digipeater and APRS beacon
  • geomagnetic sensor
    - Acquiring geomagnetic data on orbit.
    - Transmitting data as FM analog audio
Image by Chiba Institute of Technology
【Satellite】 MicroOrbiter-1 [Size:1U]
【Organizations】 Micro Orbiter Inc.
【Service Provider】 Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Co., Ltd
【Mission】 MicroOrbiter-1 is designed to store the small sensor data from the LoRa ground terminal and forward to the Earth Station.
  • Demonstrates the establishment of a stable communication system with terrestrial terminals.
  • Aims to offer low-power-consumption communication services at lower prices in remote areas.
Image by Micro Orbiter Inc.

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