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Japanese Fresh Food

Life in Space

Fresh fruits and vegetables, even in space

Many people think you can't eat fresh fruits and vegetables in space, but actually you can.
Of course, fresh foods cannot be stored for very long compared to other space foods, so there are limited opportunities to eat fresh food on the ISS, but it's not impossible. Thus far, we have delivered seasonal fruits and vegetables to the ISS, operated cooperatively by a number of countries, via the KOUNOTORI Transfer Vehicle.

Here we'll take a look at the fresh foods delivered to space.


Japanese fresh food sent into space

Loading of fresh food began with HTV-5. An express service known as “late access” enables loading immediately before launch and quick removal upon arrival, allowing transport of very fresh foods which cannot be stored for long.

We hope to inform a wider range of people about the activities of astronauts through the familiar topics of eating and food. Making the best use of launching spacecraft from inside Japan and in collaboration with the people from fresh food producing regions, we hope to introduce the world to domestically-produced Japanese fresh foods by sending them into space. With this wish in mind, we have delivered fresh foods into the hands of many astronauts.


Orange "Kawachi Bankan" (Ehime)
Lemon (Ehime)
Apple "Fuji" (Aomori)
Apple "Akibae" (Ibaraki)
"Unshu Mikan" (citrus unshiu) (Osaka)
"Unshu Mikan" (citrus unshiu) (Ehime)
"Unshu Mikan" (citrus unshiu) (Saga)
Grape "Aurora Black" (Okayama)
Grape "Shine Muscat" (Okayama)
Kiwi fruit (Gunma)


Onion (Hokkaido)
Paprika (Miyagi)

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