Human Space Technology supporting Japanese Astronauts Activities and Life Science Experiments onboard the Japanese Experiment Module, Kibo -
PADLES :Space Radiation Dosimeters that Monitor Radiation Environment Inside Kibo

Inside the space vehicle and the International Space Station (ISS), both of which are flying at the altitude about 400km in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), high-energy and high-Z (HZE) particles includes Galactic Cosmic Ray (GCR) and Solar Particle Event (SPE). Even though hull of the spacecrafts and the contains are rexpected to minimaize space radiation effects in some degree, the high-energy radiation particle can penetrate and path through those walls and structures. That is astronauts and bio specimens onboard the space shuttle and ISS are constantly exposed to the space radiation.


"Radiation mesurement during spaceflights"

is essential for evaluating the radiation exposure risks under the long-duration spaceflight and for investigating the radiation damage for living organisms during space flight.


PADLES dosimeter

PADLES (Passive Dosimeter for Lifescience Experiments in Space)

JAXA Space Environment Utilization Center has developed the PADLES (PAssive Dosimeter for Life science Experiments in Space) for space radiation particles and the exclusive high-speed anaysis sistem in JAXA Tsukuba Space Center . JAXA has been performing a series of space radiation measurements onboard the ISS Japanese Experiment Module, Kibo, using PADLES system since 2008 at the same time of Kibo attachement to ISS.

PADLES dosimeter package consists of two types of space radiation detectors: plastick Solid State Track Detectors called SSTD, CR-39 TD-1, and Thermoluminescent Dosimetry (TLD-MSOs). The PADLES packages are assmbled and prepared just before each flight experiment. After the recovery from ISS, dose analysis is conducted at the JAXA Tsukuba Space Center.

Space Radiation Measurement onboard the Kibo

JAXA Space Environment Utilization Center has been conducting radiation measurements onboard Kibo, dose colucuration and providing information of space radiation environment onboard the Kibo. These data are used for JAXA's astronauts' radiation exposure management and for life-science experiments in space. We are person in charge of following flight experiments and related ground based study with PADLES.

  1. Area PADLES
    Continouns area radiation monitoring on board the Kibo
  2. Bio PADLES
    Radiation damage for bio specimens in life science experiments on board Kibo
  3. Crew PADLES
    Personal space radiation dosimetry for Japanese astronauts.
  4. Dosimetric PADLES
    RRadiation physiscs experiment onborad the ISS with International partners
  5. Free-Space PADLES